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Exhibitor’s Registration

The Australia International Dive Expo (AIDE) is Australia’s home for all things that is related to diving. Be it dive tours, holiday packages, the latest equipment, gadgets and expert advice that are of interest, divers and non-divers are welcomed to come along to this annual expo to learn about the fascinating world of diving.

Being part of the event is highly essential as your product and services will be targeted not only by divers but also by non- divers, seeking awareness on the subject, which will lead to generate new business.

To Become an Exhibitor

STEP 1: Expression of Interest (EOI)

The first step is to fill up the EOI form as indication of your interest to participate. Please click on the EOI form

STEP 2: Floor Layout

The Organizer will forward the floor layout for your viewing. You can view and select your booth and the location.  If you are unsure of the availability, please email at [email protected]

STEP 3:  Application Contact Form

To proceed in acquiring the booth, the Organizer will forward the Application Contract Form. Upon receipt, please fill up and submit.

STEP 4: Make Payment for the Booth

Once you have submitted the Application Contract Form, Organizer will forward the tax invoice to you for booth payment. Upon receipt of the tax invoice, please proceed to make payment as per bank details given in the tax invoice. Once payment had been made, please email the deposit slip/bank advice to Organizer at [email protected]  for verification.

STEP 5: Exhibitors Manual (E-Manual)

After successful confirmation of the booth, all exhibitors will then need to download and fill up the Exhibitors Manual. The Exhibitors Manual includes compulsory forms and optional forms for you to fill in and to submit. If you require additional furniture/equipment’s for your booth, please go through the optional forms for furniture, electrical, audio visual, internet access and other forms.

STEP 6: Expo Advertising Options

Below are expo advertising options which you can participate to further increase your products and service visibility, mileage, awareness and ROI. If you keen to explore, please send your inquiry to [email protected]

  1. a) Show Guide program (printed)
  2. b) Dive Magazine (printed and digital)
  3. a) Prize Sponsorship – company logo will be promoted at event website and social media

STEP 7: Accommodations/ Travel/ Logistics

For the exhibitors who requires assistance in logistics, accommodations or additional booth setup, you can get assistance from our official service providers as listed below:

  1. a) Accommodations
  2. b) Logistics

STEP 8: Speaker Presentation

If you are keen to be a Speaker to share your expertise and or leverage your experience with the audience relating to the world of diving, please fill up the Speaker Form and submit.

STEP 9: Exhibitors Information / Guideline

For smooth workflow for all participating exhibitors, please refer to the Exhibitors Information/Guideline that will be available soon.

Expo Hours

• Thursday   28 July Halls & Marina: 10am to 7pm
• Friday        29 July Halls & Marina: 10am to 7pm
• Saturday  30 July Halls & Marina: 10am to 7pm
• Sunday 31 July Halls & Marina: 10am to 7pm
• Monday    1 August Halls & Marina: 10am to 7pm