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Forum – Freediving

Lucas Handley

Lucas Handley has extensive experience in the Freediving, Spearfishing and Underwater Photography worlds. Appearing in internationally acclaimed ocean documentaries, and working for such companies as Discovery Channel and the BBC, holding his breath has taken him around the world. Now an AIDA International Master Instructor, Lucas teaches breathology and personal development courses; deep spearfishing and freediving instruction to -40m and beyond. Twenty years spearfishing experience with 15 years in the guiding world, his background as a marine scientist comes through in his courses.

Sandra Dohring

Sandra Dohring is the founder of Wollongong Freedivers club. Born and raised in tropical Reunion Island, Sandra has regularly contributed to Australian pool-based freediving competitions as a safety diver. She also established Wollongong Freedivers to enable freedivers to train safely and inspire underwater clean-ups. The most recent clean-up brought together many organisations and more than 160 people to clean Wollongong Harbour. Sandra also has a Master’s Degree in Operations Management. She works in the Electronic Waste Recycling industry.

Nays Baghai

Nays Baghai is an independent filmmaker and underwater cameraman based in Sydney. Inspired by The Blue Planet as a youngster, Nays decided to become a professional underwater cameraman at age 18, while studying at Australia’s national film school AFTRS. His images have been showcased by DeeperBlue, Molchanovs Freediving, Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions, the Wim Hof Method and many more brands. He is a PADI-certified Master Freediver and Master Scuba Diver, and holds additional qualifications in advanced underwater cinematography and shark biology.

Mel Meredith

Growing up on a small Island in the South Pacific Mel was strangely afraid of the ocean. However, she faced her discomfort by learning to freedive. The result exceeded her expectations. From enjoying the ocean without fear, freediving also became therapy, helping Mel recover from a spinal fracture and coping with grief. She was surprised to learn that the freedive technique that targets psychological barriers was also effective in other aspects of life, helping her separate emotions of discomfort from actions.

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